School Fundraiser

Our school relies on fundraising and this year fundraising has been particularly hard. We love our school, our teachers, our friends and are grateful for it all around. When schools were shut down earlier in the year - the endless March Break - our teachers worked overtime to get online as soon as possible. Our teachers setup websites and would pre-record videos every evening, uploading them before the night, so that when we woke up we could watch them. Our school in return has made adjustments to ensure our teachers don't burn out by adding additional days off -- we are grateful that there is care all around. The school cares about the teachers. The teachers care about us. To support our awesome school, we'll be doing a  fundraiser for it.

We will donate 20% of all sales from our school community to the school.
(School community being anyone who mentions our school's name in the shopping cart.)

But wait...that's not it. We went ahead and found someone who would match our donations $1 for $1, up to $5000. That means that for every $10 you spend on our website, $4 goes to our school. let us repeat that:

For every $10 you spend on, 
$4 is donated to our school.
40% of all sales go to our school!!

Terms and Conditions: Orders must not use any discount codes (automatic discounts are OK) to be eligible. Orders must be placed directly through Orders after November 30th must mention LHCS in the order or subsequently through an email by December 17th, 2020 so that we can count it as an LHCS order. Only order subtotal is included: shipping, tips, duties, etc. are not counted towards the 20%. That's all, this is not supposed to be complicated.