Caring for Honey

Honey is one of the few things in the world that does not expire. Honey found in Egyptian tombs is still technically safe to eat. All of our honey is raw, unpasteurized and will outlive....everyone.The key with honey is to keep it away from moisture: keep it in its original container, keep it sealed and don't let contaminated utensils get into the pot of honey.


Honey does crystallize, especially raw, unpasteurized honey. The honey bottles you see in retail stores are typically pasteurized to give it an all-year clear look. Sadly, heating honey destroys the good nutrients and vitamins in it!

Crystallization is a natural process and every batch of honey will crystallize at a different rate based on the plants the honey is made from. You can slow down crystallization by storing honey in glass containers and keeping it at room temperature. Refrigeration is a no-no for honey (moisture!) and will speed up crystallization.

If your honey does crystallize, give your honey jar a water bath. Put hot tap water in a bowl and place your jar in the bowl. Don't immerse the honey jar - the water should be only about half-way - keep it away from the lid or use a water-tight lid. Remember, moisture kills honey - don't let the water seep through.