• 2018 Oct - A Sweet Sale

    2018 Oct - A Sweet Sale

    2018 was our first harvest. We didn't quite know what to do with it and shared it with a few friends and family. Grace attended an "Entrepreneur Junior" workshop over Oktoberfest in KW which showed her how to setup an online store where she created Angry Bees.

    She made a sale at the workshop to other business owners! 🚀

  • 2019 May - An in-person market

    2019 May - An in-person market

    We had no trouble selling out of our honey, but we had to figure out what to do with the beeswax. Over the fall and winter we made our own lip balms and solid lotion bars with the beeswax for our own personal use.

    Soon, we heard about The Children's Business Fair - we decided to sign up for the fair and started working on our products. We didn't have any honey to sell, so we focused on lip balms, lotion bars, soaps, and cute bee pins.

  • 2019 - Holiday Season

    2019 - Holiday Season

    2019 was a busy season for us! We sold out of most of our honey, and left overs we sold at Christmas market tables around Kitchener Waterloo.

    This is when we started exploring "gift packs" which combined our products into gift-able packs. We had a great season thanks to wonderful support from the community, family, and friends.

  • 2020 - Online Only

    2020 - Online Only

    Prior to 2020, most of our sales were through in-person markets. We were worried about how 2020 would go and how we'd sell 400 pounds of honey without markets!

    Well, we had no trouble selling all of our honey - again, thanks to amazing support from family, friends, and the local community. We even partnered with some local stores who carried our products!

    We also added our DIY Lip Balm Kits and Soap Kits this year and our Diya Candles (Diwali and Christmas exclusive). We also significantly improved our packaging for soaps and got better labels for our lip balms this year!