When I was younger, I always wanted to try honeycomb. It looked so fascinating! I wondered about its texture. We bought honeycomb from the store a few years ago (before we had beehives) and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

We haven't done honeycomb in previous years because it is tricky to store-- the honey "leaks" from the edges unless it's placed in a perfectly sized box. This year we decided to invest in a cutter and special boxes for storing and selling honeycomb.

Honeycomb -- before we cut it out

Honeycomb is the artifact that bees make -- a thin-walled hexagonal structure made out of beeswax to store honey. Usually we would separate the wax and honey, but honeycomb can also be enjoyed by itself.

Honeycomb can be enjoyed many ways. I always recommend trying things "by themselves" to get a taste of the item -- so the first way would be to cut a piece out and eat it as-is. The comb itself is tasteless (it's wax) and we spit it out after we're done extracting the honey with our teeth (much like gum). But there are other delicious ways to enjoy honeycomb -- toast is probably a favourite. Spreading honeycomb on a warm piece of bread (very important that it's warm -- you want the comb to melt) makes the honeycomb very aromatic and pleasant. 

Honeycomb is also popular on cheese and crackers, on ice-cream, with yogurt...anywhere that you'd put honey. Compared to raw honey, it provides more texture which can alter a dish in a fantastic manner. Grab a box today -- we intend to make only a dozen or so this year!

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