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Orchid Bee - Angry Bees
Orchid Bee - Angry Bees
Orchid Bee - Angry Bees
Orchid Bee - Angry Bees

Orchid Bee

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Orchid Bees are fascinating big solitary bees that come in lots of different colours - blue, green, red, gold, and of course yellow that we associate with honey bees. They are only found in Americas (near Costa Rica and Panama). But what's most special about orchid bees is that the male bees collect scents. Scientists don't know why they collect scents (perhaps for mating?) but they travel long distances to create the right mixture of scents. Orchid bees are name after the orchid flower - there are some orchids that wouldn't exist if it wasn't for these pollinators!

We invite you to try one of our Orchid Bee soaps. They are available scented and unscented, coloured with botanical extracts and flowers. As with all our products, no artificial colours or fragrances are used.

Our Orchid Bee soaps have an oatmeal and shea butter base to gently cleanse and moisturize your skin. We use a wide variety of botanical powders to colour soap: annato (orange), alkanet (purple), rosehip (pink-ish), sunflower (muted yellow), turmeric (bright yellow). We then add scents such as cinnamon (Nani's Turmeric), anise (Emma's Licorice), lemonbalm (chamomile), lavender and cedarwood.

Included is 1 Orchid Bee Soap weighing approx. 70g.